Design & Requirement gathering

Design & Reqirement gathering for Order Management Integration

This is a open question on high level requirement gathering in design phase for order management integration flow
As of now i know from front end system will make call via HTTPS and back system is Database(to perform select/update/insert)
Once data is fetch then flow service need to send data to order management system.

Integration flow :-

This is what i come to know from requirement gathering document.

source system is making https call toward webMethods which is use to send order id and quantity from IS document which is input
to the service where as service make call to database on base of order id and fetch data from database and then send this fetch data from
database to order management system.

So i have following question on designing on this Integration flow and need to perform requirement gathering.

  1. How to design this Integration?

  2. what all questions we need to ask to source and target teams ie how to perform requirement gathering?

  3. Integration flow :- HTTPS call(A) → WM(B) → DB(C) → (D) fetch data send to order management system

In question 3. D section ie what all the questions we need to ask to technical teams to design this sub service flow?

  1. what all the positive and negative testing scenario we need to perform to test this integration flow?

Appreciate your response.

Hi Vinay,

As per my understandings, pls find below points.

  1. What kind of database they are using (like Oracle/SqlServer/…), once this confirmed. Try to create a connection to hit the respective database. So that we can perform CRUD operations on the DB.

  2. WebMethods components should be ready : decide the version and the specific version product has facility to accept https calls( certificates needs to be installed). If there is a requirement for logging/reprocessing the transactions we can suggest to use webMethods audit logging/Trading Networks.

  3. Check what kind of authentication mechanism to use(like LDAP, or internal credentials) while accessing the wm flow services through https calls.

  4. We should have the prior knowledge of the customer requirement. Avg/peak amount of transactions per hour/day. and kind of data to fetch/insert in DB(Sometimes we need to use Blob/Clob objects, these are heavy weight).

  5. Kind of environments to setup with the Source and Target systems (like Dev, QA, Prod).

  6. If there is any chance to use Cache values to optimise the performance, we can suggest webMethods Terracota.

Vinay, below are pointers for this interface.

1.As you want to use https, what sort of security mechanism you should implement like using certificate exchange.
2.What back end DB is ( like Oracle, SQL server,… )
3. Synchronous/Asynchronus calls ?
4. Any retry mechanism for either source/target environments un-availability due to temporary issues.
5.After successful/failure transaction any email trigger notiifcatioin to a specific teams?
6.Storing incoming request and outgoing request as part of Audit DB/custom DB ?
7.what is the max size of request coming in and going out from wM ?


Once you get answers for below questions will be able to start designing the interface

1.Source system
a. Webservice call
b. Freq of this call (1000’s of calls at any secand then you may need to understand how you can handle that)
c. Input fields/data to this webservice call
2. Target System (Order management system)
a. How this target is expecting data (Ex: DB insert, flat file, xml file, webservice call…etc)
b. If this target need this data on real time or in batch mode?

Hope these questions will help you to get required details

Venkata Vidya Sagar Pokuru


Hope you got more details on the source and target systems. If you could share the same, it would help to gauze things better.

You can also request if the source system needs any acknowledgement or not. Based on that, your design might need some outbound traffic once the Order management system receives the DB data.