flow from source to target

hi everybody,
Iam new to web methods…my source is ASP and my target is mainframes…and its a shipment confirmation project…which is a clustered environment with 2 integration servers and trading networks.
Can any body explain the flow from source to target please…


You should also know what standard documents(xml or flatfile etc…) that going to be flowing in IntegrationServer/TN between source to target?? I believe you guys should be using ASP generate an source xml and do transformation via wM IS/TN (XML to flatfile mapping)and push it to target mainframe…I assume you have atleast litt development experience using in IS/TN server,Adapters components etc…

As a new starter,pls go thru these forums mainly Flow & Java Services,TradingNetworks sections which covers some of the flows that you are looking for, along with wM product documentations.