DESADV for transito and warehouse order

Hi Team,

We have EDI system established to receive DESADV from suppliers, where
NAD+UC = if UC has a store GTIN then end point is the store
else if this segment is not there then end point is warehouse.
But currently we have situation where one supplier is sending one truck with both warehouse items and store items. We are not sure how we should request the partner to form the DESADV message and how to handle it at our end.

As per my understanding, such DESADV is not possible by DESADV standard?


Are you expecting advise from users regarding Mapping on how to handle the segments with the 2 end points in the DESADV transaction (payload)?

Not sure why is this related to DESADV standard or not as your trading partner was able to send in the message?


Thanks RMG for response.

The issue is solved, actually our partner is able to send two separate DESADV advice for each end points.
But the destination application was not able to process the two different end point DESADV from the same partner.
We are making required changes are subscriber side to fix the issue.


OK make sense thanks for the update back!