Deprecated Services from wM7.1.3 to wM9.0

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Is any one migrated from wM7.1.3 to wM9.0, if so could you please share the list of deprecated services from wM7.1.3 to wM9.0.


hi Raghu, services that are deprecated for each release are listed in the product readmes, which are all available on the SAG doc Web site
The readmes also list deprecated parms, APIs, and other items, as well as added, removed, or changed services/parms/APIs etc.

Adding to Marianneā€™s postā€¦

You will need to go through read me files of each component from version to version to collect the list of deprecated services.

For version 7

Version 8.0x + 8.1x

For Version 8.2x

For Version 9.0


Some of the deprecated elements will be in built-in service guide ,admin guides and so onā€¦
ReadMe alone wont help.

ideally SAG should have giveb an xls sheet to make life easier for all :slight_smile:

I will be making a proposal to make the finding of deprecated/changed/added services etc. easier starting in 9.7 - weā€™ll see how it goes.

Suresh, are you saying youā€™re seeing mention of deprecated elements ONLY in the user doc, and not in the readme? This surprises me, as I know that is not the rule the doc team follows. Do you have any specific examples? I would like to raise them to the doc team.

Can you find this below in any of the readMe and tell where it is removed ? - Missing Info


and there are so many services i have found in other docs other than ReadMe ā€¦

ReadMe has about 90% but not everything for sure

Also for some services the info. is wrong - Some of these below services are actually changed in 7.x (Latest build) but could find it in 9.0 ReadMe as they are deprecated in 9.0 - Incorrect Info

hi Suresh, from the segment .prt. in the service, we can see that that service belongs to the Process Runtime, so you would find information about it in the Process Runtime. Basically you have to look at the readmes for all of the products you have - they are definitely not all in the IS readme.

I know that and i did refer all theReadMe of all versions and products available in SAG documentation siteā€¦Could not find.

pub.prt.globalData:lockGlobalData exist in 6.5 but missing in 9.5 -Now you tell me which documentation has this info ?- i bet none in SAG site :slight_smile:

For pub.prt.globalData:lockGlobalData, the IS writer said she found it in the 7.1 Process Engine readme.

Since the product readmes are outside my own area, the best thing to do here is probably to provide this list to Global Support, who can then make a trackable issue for the doc team to take up and address.


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Hi Suresh,
I guess you have misunderstoodā€¦

If you talk about pub.prt.globalData:lockGlobalData service, as Marianne said, this information is available in 7.1 ReadMe. If you look at the PDF, this service is listed in ā€˜Removed Serviceā€™ section and not in ā€˜Deprecated Itemsā€™ section. FYI, Deprecated services will still be available in later versions however not suggested to use as it may or may not be removed, but removed service will not be available in any version from the point it is removed. As this service is removed in 7.1 & this info has been captured in 7.1 ReadMe, none of the later ReadMeā€™s have this detailā€¦ It makes sense not to have such info in all Readme versions as that would give a wrong impression that, they were available so far and just got removedā€¦

Regarding Deprecated Items, this also follows the same thumb ruleā€¦ When a service is deprecated for the first time, it will be notified in the ReadMe, but the same info will not be carried forward in next ReadMe.

If there is a genuine miss of some service info, please do notify us, and I am sure Documentation team would be happy to correct it.

Hope this helpsā€¦


From what I have noticed the deprecated services are always documented in the corresponding Built-In-Services_Guides as long as the service exists in the code.


There might be a misunderstanding of what ā€œdeprecatedā€ means. When something is deprecated in a release, it means it still exists in that release, but will be removed and no longer exist in the next release. For example, if service A is deprecated in the 9.5 release, that means it will be removed and no longer exist in the 9.6 release. Thatā€™s why you still see deprecated services in the BIS guide - the service still exists. Next release, the services that were deprecated in the previous release will be gone, and will no longer be documented in the BIS guide.

I wish there would be a public service to list down all deprecated services. That makes migration lot easier. :idea:

Hope someday we have at least a doc for them. :wink:

I agreeā€¦:slight_smile:

hi Rankesh, all deprecated services are listed in the readmes for the release in which they were deprecated.

I have a proposal for the doc team to list all changes in a separate document, and to add to that document each release, so all the changes are in one consolidated document. I will be presenting the proposal in the new few weeks.


Thank you Marianne. Appreciate your prompt action and thought process to take it forward.

Thank you Raghu / Senthil / Suresh / Mahesh to be part of this.


Hi Senthil,

These links are no more working. If you can update these with the latest ones it helps people.

Or else if some one knows the old documentation place which can be accessible please post here.

For the people who are migrating from V7 to V9 those documentations are very helpful.


@ Bajikiran,

You can find the list of deprecated/replacement services from the release notes and readme for every version. Kindly refer empower docs or SAG tech community docs section.