Utility to list all the deprecated services in webMethods (7.x, 8.x, 9.x) - SOLVED

Hi Guys,

In order to list out all the deprecated services in webMethods (7.x, 8.x, 9.x) we manually read/refer the SAG documentations (readme’s, release notes, BIS guides etc)

I have ideas (I am currently working on this) to list out all the deprecated services For Eg.,
By listing/comparing the services in packages (like WmPublic, WmFlatFile, WmTN and so on) between two versions.

If anyone has a better idea/solution/utility can you please post your comments.

FYI: Already Marianne Fuller has mentioned in one of the thread saying “I have a proposal for the doc team to list all changes in a separate document, and to add to that document each release, so all the changes are in one consolidated document. I will be presenting the proposal in the new few weeks.”

I hope and assume that we will have a list of deprecated and added/udpated services in the future release.

Refer the link http://tech.forums.softwareag.com/techjforum/posts/list/52269.page for more details.

hi Mahesh, I’ll be presenting my proposal to the doc group in a few weeks. If I succeed, I hope to have a document for each product that will list the changes in releases. Unfortunately, for most products that would probably start with 9.7, due to lack of resources. But I hope to make the document for IS myself, and I would start with 9.0. Are you a SAG employee? I’d like to discuss this with you.


Hi Marianne,

Thanks for your response :slight_smile: Could you please share us the list (when read) to us so that it will be useful for the community members :slight_smile:

I am not an SAG employee…

Good day…:slight_smile:

hi Mahesh, it will all be posted on the SAG doc Web site (if I get approval).

Great :slight_smile: