Finding what uses deprecated services


I’ve just discovered a few very old deprecated services (pub.web.recordToDocument, pub.web.stringToDocument) being used in production. Apparently, the previous upgrades did not address this issue.

Now, prior to upgrading to v10.1 from v9.6, I’d like to find out what services use any of the old pub.web.* services. Does anyone have any suggestions as how I would do this, as the pub.web folder does not display in Designer.

That’s possible via this simple hack!

Create ACL “WmPrivate” and add the “Administrators” group to this ACL, refersh the Desinger console and you will see the hidden services with WmPrivate List ACL.

Also, you can refer the BIS guide, readme, release notes for finding the replacement services.

That is some weird magic.

Thanks Mahesh.


additionally to Mahesh´s suggestion there is quite a simple trick to check:
Most of the pub.web-Services have a replacement service in pub.xml-Folder with having the service name.
Whenever you find a service using a pub.web-service, this should be replaced with the corresponding pub.xml-Service.

You will find more informations in the IS Built-In-Services Reference as Mahesh has mentioned as well as the IS Readme documentation which lists deprecated services and if there is a replacement.

Depending on which components you are using you might want to check other documentations as well like TN, ProcessEngine, Monitor.