Deprecated in-built service in wM 9.12

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We have 9.12 version and being new to the project I noticed that we have few deprecated services which are deprecated way back in wM 6.5, with no recommended service to replace it and I debugged it and found that it is still in use and working!

pub.list:getStringListItem is one of them.

Further, we have one more such service as - pub.web:queryDocument which is there though I am not sure if it is working.

How come a deprecated service is working even in 9.12?

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Sanket Pandey

Usually there is a replacement, but you have to read the release note of the version in which this service is deprecated, not the release note of latest one.

If there is no replacement, you could develop a service with the same name and signature with the same function.

The built-in service pub.web:queryDocument is deprecated. To operate on XML and HTML documents, use the services in the pub.xml folder. A list of services that replace the pub.web services is available in webMethods_Integration_Server_Built-In_Services_Reference_6_5_SP2.

For the service pub.web:queryDocument, you should now use pub.xml:queryXMLNode.

Revisit the documents i.e., v6.5 guides, readme’s, updates from v6.5 - 7.1.2 for IS.

Thank you Wang and Mahesh,

But my question was - how come a deprecated service which has no reference in wM in-built service is functioning?

Looks like some zombie thing! Isn’t?


Hi Sanket,

these services are still available fro backward compatibility (to avoid breaking existing code during migration), but to avoid new usage on the newer versions they have been marked deprecated and they are no longer visible in the Package tree in Designer.

When there are issues with such deprecated (and currently no longer documented) services there will be no support from SAG.

To find all deprecated services and their successsors (if existing) you will have all Built-In Services references from the version where they were deprecated for the first time up to your current version.

pub.web services have been replaced with pub.xml services in 7.1.


Thank you very much Holger!

But I am still wondering for service WmPublic/pub.list:getStringListItem which has no replacement after wM6.5 but still in even we moved to in 9.12.

If there is no replacement recommended then what should we do with it? Should we leave it alone?

list (String List) and index(String) is input for this service and item (String) is output for it.




Truth of the matter is, you’re probably safe leaving it alone. However, if you have the time to update your integrations so that you’re not using a deprecated service, then by all means, do it.

For this particular case, I’m guessing the reason why there’s no replacement service is that a service is not really needed. As you’re probably aware, you can extract specific items out of a list via a simple MAP. All you have to do is map from the list to the string and then set an index on the MAP link.

If, however, you truly need a service for your use case, then it should be fairly straightforward to write a simple Java service to do what that service currently does. If you need help with the Java code, let us know.


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Thanks a lot to Percio!

You have made things pretty clear. Using MAP makes lot of sense here.

Thanks again!