Deploying from 7.1.2 to 8.2 IS Issue. Can this be done using deployer?


I am upgrading from 7.1.2 to 8.2 using side-by-side install. After installing webMethods on the Sand box, I am trying to deploy custom packages from 7.1.2 to 8.2 using Deployer 8.2.

I am getting below message while creating a Map to the target server:

A filter has been applied for targets for version 7.1 on this project…

  • How to solve this problem.
  • Can we use deployer to deploy packages from 7.1.2 to 8.22
  • If yes, how to add the target server 8.2 on a map step, if the source is 7.1.2?

Any help is appreciated.


Yes it works even you use Deployer712 and map the 8.2.2 server (target) and the deployment should work fine (custom application packages from 712)

For this make sure you create the Remote Servers Alias on 712 for the new 8.2.2 and Test the Remote Server if it connects successfull and then start your deployment set:


Thank RMG,

I will try from Deployer 712.

But when I tried using Deployer 822… to deploy from Source: 712 to Target 822 it get error…
“A filter has been applied for targets for version 7.1 on this project…” even when I had remote server alias sets.

Manually create package with same source package name in target 822 developer and deploy it…May be it works

Never seen this error before:

Hi Just to share you the information…

Today I to face the same issue in map step after selecting the target server

I ignored above message and deployed the project and the deployment went good with out any issue

  • Some thing problem with the above screen shot. please find the below error message
    Error: A filter has been applied for targets for version 8.2 on this project 014GCMIXBCMIXTempsReelPAAL2007 for this map RT_QA_14492.

Thanks for the sharing info here: