Deploying event maps


I’m new to webMethods optimize.

I have a build file containing event maps and dimensions which I need to deploy. I have imported this build , but when am trying to add the optimize server to the deployment map ,it does not allow me to add.
It does not give any error either.


Are these from 2 different versions ?

Yes , the build file was created from 7x version and now am trying to deploy it to 8x version

Not sure if that is recommended by SAG.

You can try running the Migration utility for MWS and see if you can get the 7x stuff to 8x

I donot have the 7x stuff except the build file :frowning:
I have added the target optimize server in Deployer–>Servers:Optimize section and also the test connection is successful.

When I try to add the target server to the deployment map, it gives a success message but I cannot see the target server added in the map. When I try to add it again it says " A Deployment Set in a Map can not have a Target Server and a Target Group with same name."

We are somehow now able to add the target server in the deployment map. But it now says references missing for some of the dimensions on target server. These dimensions are present on the target server but still we get a reference missing message.

Optimize experts pls help