Deploying CAF porlets from one MWS to another - failing

Hi Team,

I’m trying to deploy CAF portlets from one MWS to other MWS using Deployer in 9.12

Shell/Skin/StartPageRules/Pages along with CAF portlets are being selected in the deployment set. But while deploying the other MWS server, the deployer is throwing below error for all portlets

Failed to deploy Portlet object “CaseManagementManagerPortlet”, error=[POP.001.0002] A “” occurred with the Message “C:\SoftwareAG912\MWS\server\default\temp\casemanagement___casemanagementmanagerportlet\WEB-INF\portlet.xml (The system cannot find the file specified)”

Any idea why this error is occurring.


First please check if you have the latest Deployer fixes installed on the IS.

Sometimes you might have to increased WmDeployer timeout values.

I once had a similar problem with large IS packages, where the target IS was deleting temporary files too soon (thus also files download with the Deployer).

Good luck,