Deployer wM712

Does Deployer-wM712 provides any specific facility where in we can maintain controls on it.


Say we have Deployer-wM712 on DEV-Env, then we dont want to have those(DEVELOEPRS) who work on these Deployer-wM712 -Env to get interact with any IS-which is on the CERT/PROD boxes which are some how added in that Deployer.

Is there a way of restriction that we can make in any settings for this deployer so that we can say -hey these are the only one who can make the deployments.

Any help on this is appreciated

I’m not sure if I exactly understand your post, but a Deployer Project has ACLs associated with the different stages/task in the Deployer. You can set users to these ACLs in the normal way you set ACLs.