Deployer showing dependencies to unknown (deleted/renamed) elements

Hello experts,

We have created a deployment project containing some IS packages. Deployer tries to resolve dependencies and show some elements under some weird ‘local:unknown’ package (see attachment).

These elements no longer exist, they were deleted/renamed, but they still show as dependencies. Is it possible to remove those broken references?

Thanks in advance.
2015-12-03 13_12_03-webMethods Deployer.png

Hi Lucas,

looks like you have introduced broken code in your packages.

If Deployer shows you referenced Objects which no longer exist, this means that there are still some references to these in some of the assts you try to deploy.

Check in the last column (missing from your screen shot), which assets are still referring to the deleted assets.
Try to find out in Designer what happend to these references.

If you cannot find these lcoations in Designer, you can try to check the flow.xml and the node.ndf of the affected nodes in the filesystem and correct these.
Remember to reload the package afterwards.
Be careful when editing these files manually.



On SAG designer you can use the Inspect Pipeline References command to locate any
broken or invalid pipeline references.

Let me know if you have any questions on how to perform this.

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Lucas – In your code definitely there are some services/steps which are still using those deleted one which caused for the error. Please check your code once again.



“Inspect Pipeline References” function really helped me out. Thanks for the help.

Cheers, have a good day and happy new year :slight_smile: