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I have some problem deploying a Process Model with the deployer.
I’m using webMethods 8.0.1 version.

I have create a deployer project containing only Process Model sets.
I configured a sets by selecting only one process model.

Some checks dependencies warns me that there may exist problem. I choose “Exist” on those problem as the warning concern IS package which are already deployed on the target server.

My first problem is that the list of dependencies is wrong.
In the “PackageManage.jpg” file you can see the content of the KerneosProcess package of the source server.
Check in particular the name of all “QueueTask” flow service.

Then check the “QueueTask_Flow.jpg”. All dependencies related to “QueueTask” flow service are wrong. They try to use a flow service containing two “_” in the name. Plus, it tells me that the type of the artefact is unknown.

After saying it will exist on the target server all is OK and I can build and export it.

I import the build on the target server and try to configure the map.
When I do it, it tells me that some dependencies are not present.
If you check the “TargetServerMap2.jpg” you can see that only the “QueueTask” flow service are showing (with two “__”).
Those flow service are correctly deployed in the target IS but with one “_” as they should.

Is there a problem with the deployer concerning the auto-made “QueueTask” flow service by a processModel ? (I did not modify them. They are generated automaticaly when I call a task).
Why it is happening only to those flow services and not to the other auto-made flow service too ?


A similar problem applies to the MWS task artefact.

Although all is correctly deployed on the target MWS server, it keeps telling me in the map config that the task application is missing, if I add the task application (by dependencies), then it tells me that all the portlet view of the tasks are missing, …

Is it safe to clic on “ignore” to those warning ? As I do not want to overwrite the current deployment each time we deploy a new version of the process model.
Or should I clic on “Add” for all MWS task artefact as it is the way of doing things ?


Find below the last update on this issue if you try to deploy your project using the deployer (webMethods 8.0.1).

The issue was reproduced by the support and a workaround was found (I don’t have test it yet).


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