Deployer not sending Java service shared information

First, my apologies if this isn’t in the correct category.

Using IS 6.5. Recently deployed a package with several java services, which
had under the shared tab defined import statements and several custom functions.
When I deployed the code on the target server, all the information in the shared tab
for each of the services was blank. Nothing was defined anymore. I looked in the
deployment definition but didn’t see anything that jumped out as a missed setting.
Has anyone ran into this and if so, how did you correct it?



I have re-discovered this. Does anyone have insight? Deploying the entire package as a whole isn’t the best solution for us.

Interesting. I haven’t tried this before but perhaps we can work through it.

If you’re selected individual elements in the package for a patch release, you may need to explicitly select the proper files from the source and classes directories for the package.

I think you’d do this via the webMethods Files portion of the deployment set. Navigate to the package of interest and select the files from source and classes to get the shared parts. It’ll actually be the source and classes for all the Java services within a folder but that should be okay.

Give it a try and see if that does the trick.

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