Deployer Error

Hi All,

While trying to install a model build through deployer we are getting the following error

ERROR The Deploy failed, and automatic Rollback has been selected; thus, a Rollback will be performed. Please see the separate Rollback report. There may be further information here regarding the failed Deploy. An exception occurred while attempting to process “/opt/webmethods/myweb-pp-1_7910/IntegrationServer/packages/WmDeployer/persist/projects/pq__ReleaseBuildPAYMSUBSETACTModel_hfbn/targets/pq__PAYMSUBSETACTModel_7qb/pq__PAYMSUBSETACTModel_7qb.xml”. Exception details follow: “An exception occurred while performing an invoke of the service: “wm.deployer.Plugin.DeployerPlugin:DeployObjects”. Exception details follow: “ Error remote invoking service wm.deployer.Plugin.DeployerPlugin:DeployObjects on system bpo-is-dev1_7902: null””.

Deployer Version-
Product Name webMethods Deployer
Product Release
Package Version
Package Build 33
Patches Applied

Target Integration Server Details -
OS.Version 5.3
OS.Kernel.bits 64
CPU.type x86_64
Hostname bpo-is-pp1
HW.memory[GB] 7.43
OS.Name Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
CPU.cores 4

Product webMethods Integration Server
Updates PRT_7-1-2_Fix2
Build Number 50
SSL Strong (128-bit)

Java Version

1.5.0_15 (49.0)
Java VM Name Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM
Java Build Info 1.5.0_15-b04, mixed mode
Java Vendor Sun Microsystems Inc.
Java Home /opt/webmethods/bpo-is-pp1_7908/jvm/linux150/jre

Can anyone let me know what could be the reason for the above error…?


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