Deployer Error on Build step

Hi Team,

Recently we have applied latest deployer fix “DEP_9.7_Fix5” on Wm9.7…Since then We were not able to create build for webmethods files which are outside of “default” directory…But, We are able to create the builds for IS services/packages with out any issue…The problem comes only when we select any of the webmethods files out side default directory.

Here is the error.

[DEP.0001.0088] File “default/******.xml” does not exist

When we click on “Webmethods Files” while deployment set creation, we can see the folders/files like below,


If we select anything under lib/logs/custome folder, the build will be getting failed with the above error…where as if we select any file under the default directory, the build will be successful.

Note: We have installed latest “WmDeployerResources” package also after latest deployer fix installed.

Please let me know if you have any suggestion for this.


Janardhan, is there any permission issue …it’s strange man, did you report SAG support on this ?


Thanks for your reply!!
I have verified the permissions and couldn’t see any issue with that…No, not yet reached SAG…Just posted here to know if someone come across this kind of issue.

As suggested by MR, you may contact SAG support but meanwhile you can check on the below points:

As per your details I see you are the latest fix levels for wM 9.7, to drill down do you see any logs captured during the deployment project creation. However you can delete the project (take backup if required) and create again and check if the issue persists.

If you are authorized to do, I would also suggest you to change the log levels of Deployer and see if any errors are captured in log files. This can be done by going to Settings > Logging > View Server Logger Details, you will see “Deployer” change the Logging Level.

You said
---- One thing I didn’t understad was, when I sleect the files under lib/logs/customefolder directory, the error says " /default/**** doesn’t exist"… ----

Are you sure about the path “lib/logs/custom” does it really exists on file system?

100% sure :-), otherwise I couldn’t select those files during deployment set creation right!!

Ok, I asked you this because I do not see it on my setup. Anyways you have the actual view :slight_smile: For now I do not have any suggestions. Good luck!

Thanks for your time Mahesh!!

I will wait for couple of more days and if I couldn’t get any thing, then surely reach out SAG support …It’s not a show stopper for us at this moment, but it need to be fixed for future deployments.