Deployer creating faulty Web Service Descriptor Node

I am deploying services from our Dev to QA environment and when I do the Web Service Descriptor nodes appear to work when executing the Deployment in Depolyer. Problem is they are not accessible and when I try to view them in Designer I get the following message.

Could not open the editor: cannot be cast to

I am not sure where my problem is. I am still pretty new to the software so it could be something dumb but I am struggling to find the answer. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you using the same designer to connect to your Dev and QA env?

Yes same designer.

Some other additional information that might or might not be useful: Does not happen on every deployment. I am analyzing for differences in a working one and a failed one but have not found it yet.

Okay… Which means, there might be some other problem as this is the only web service that gives some issue… Keep us posted with your findings…


Its not the only…There is one other, so I have 2 problematic Web Service Descriptors. I have maybe 4 other I have deployed with no issues.

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