Deployer ACL setting for project access

Hello everybody!

I´ve got a problem regarding the webMethods Deployer. On my IS I set up a Deployer which is used by different Developer groups. The access is regulated by the ACL control for each deployment project.

These settings (local & LDAP groups) were initially set for a couple of project templates (from which every project was copied).

Since we migrated the whole deployer with all projects to another machine the individual ACL for all projects were reset to default access.

For correcting the ACLs I have to click each project, set two roles on formular pages, for viewing, building, deploying, etc… :eek:

Because I don´t want to use the whole night for these boring work, here is my question:
Is there a faster way to set the ACLs for the exististing Deployer projects (file- / DB-manipulating)?

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I just solved the problem myself. The whole ACL config is located in the acl.conf within the <IS_HOME>/config dir. I will try to extract the searched package config and copy these parts to the new machine.


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