Deploy partial package in IS 9.6

Hi everyone,
I have an issue related to deploy partial package in IS 9.6. No problem when deploy full package, but when I just select some service, some folder to deploy, I face error in Map step (Define, Build are ok): “References missing”. I can’t pass it, so I can’t do deployment. Anyone can help ?

Hi Ngo,

please apply latest Deployer Fix for 9.6 and propagate the WmDeployerResource-Package to all affected IS-instances source and target.


Since you mention it: could you please explain what this package is for and where it comes from? As I understand, it gets generated and transferred to the target system automatically. But what does it do?

Thank you!

Thanks Holger.

Hi fml,

the WmDeployerResource package is part of the WmDeployer package and needs to be installed on all IS instances (either source or target).

It contains the services Deployer uses to extract the source code as well as for checking dependencies on source and target.

For installing the package go to Servers -> IS & TN.

Each Server defined under RemoteServers in the IS hosting the Deployer is listed here.
When you click on Test for the server, it will show if the package is installed or not.
When installed, it shows the package version.

By selecting the CheckBox in front of the server and clicking “Install” the package will be installed on this server.

See Deployer Users Guide for details.