Demiliter Flatfile Problem


I am trying to create a csv file. Comma seperated flatfile.

For this, I have created a Dictionary with all the fields…with Nth location(starting from 1,2,3,4 etc)

And I created a schema…And in that schema I set this Dictionary for recordwithNoID and generated the Schema DocumentType.

Also, In the schema…I have selected that record starts at position Nth.(given 1…is it right??)

And I have giving record delimiter as carriage return and field delimiter as ‘,’ Comma seperated.

But…When I generate a flatfile…I am getting.


I mean to say… Comma is getting in front of the record. Also, My requirement is that…If a field length is 10…and they are sending only 1 char. I must add spaces to the right side. Is it not possible in flatfile generation itself??? like fixed length fields…?? I did tried…but i was not able to generate.

Kindly help.


I have fixed the issue. The comma is coming infront because I given Nth location from 1…If i give 0 its not coming.

Now my Question is:

How to add spaces…like for example…a field length according to business requirement is 10. If SAP sends only 1. The flatfile will contain only 1 char. I need to add 9 spaces after that…HOw can I implement it.

Can I do it in Schema itself?

Please suggest.


Hi, If you have to add spaces to send the data to Oracle just make a Synamic SQL with padright (10, ?) in that field. Otherwise just make a pub.string.concat