Delivery service error Primary HTTPS Destination infor not found


I’m trying to send an XML message over HTTPS using the OOB defined TN Delivery service Primary HTTPS. When invoking the delivery service I get the following error: Unable to create service data for partner 9ioms90009n5sd6b000000cf - Destination info not found

I have defined a profile for the receiving partner and configured the Primary HTTP parameters. I have not yet set up the certificates for doing the actual SSL handshake, but I am sure the error occurs before this point anyway. I have looked at the network traffic and there is no attempt to contact the external party when the error occurs.

Does anyone know what I need to do ?

Thanks / Tomm


This was a typo from my side. I specified Primary HTTP when invoking the delivery service and since there was not specified a HTTP delivery on the profile this caused an error.

It works fine after changing to Primary HTTPS


Out of curiosity–are you invoking the delivery service directly within one of your services? If so, what’s the rationale?

I am also facing the same issue.

but, in my case when I use “HTTP”, request is going to them and working fine.

I should use “https” in my case. can any one please help me out.



is your issue still exists or resolved ??