Delivering payloads to multiple partners

Hi All,

I need to send a payload to multiple partners configured.

What are the ways of doing it??

I know the implementation for One partner where we have used ebxml features.

we have used sendUsingTPA.

Should we use sendUsingTPA for each partners configured??



What payload types are you trying to send your partners?

Is it X12 or XML or flat files etc…??

Are you trying to send same payload transaction to multiple TP’s?

In TN each transaction set to one partner specific and you cannot send same transaction which is tied to one Receiver and TPA specific and unless you have mutiple trading partners defined and same transaction types being created for each TP you wanted to send there is no way you can let TN send same transaction payload to multiple TP’s.

Can you clarify on the above?


Thanks for your detailed explanation.

I was just wondering if we had some ways of sending transactions to multiple partners at a time :slight_smile:

I have heard of Scheduled and Immediate delivery services.

Is there any sample package for TN which contains examples regarding these and the queuing concepts?