I have incoming EDI that uses a ‘carriage return-line feed’ (Ascii: 0D 0A) as the record delimiter. Does anyone know how to enter that in the TPA fields?



Typically it is not necessary to enter delimiters for incoming data as wM EDI is able to determine from the data itself. Is the data X12 or EDIFACT? Is there a specific reason you are attempting to store the 0D0A in the TPA?


The reason to store delimiters in the TPA is use them when constructing transaction sets/interchanges to send out.

The standard provides for only one character as a segment terminator.

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear on that. I needed to return x12 EDI with the same delimiters as I was receiving, and as reamon pointed out, the delimiter fields in the TPA are for the outgoing.

In the end, I traced the invoked services when the doc first arrives, and in a “values” section found that the delimiter they are using was /r.


Did you got this resolved??

Yep, thanks!