CRLF as segment terminator in MWS TPA

Hi All,
Can you pls let me know how we can maintain CRLF as segment terminator in MWS TPA delimiters?
I know that we can use HEX code as 0D0A and in the code convert from HEX to char.
But I am looking if there is any way we can represent CRLF as char in MWS TPA without using HEX codes.

(Eg: like how we define * as field delimiter in TPA, how we can define CRLF as segment delimiter?)
\r is for CR
\n is for LF

If I give \r\n it wont work.

Ok… I think I just found a work around.

  1. In TPA, I maintained record decimeter as ~
  2. Created EDI
  3. replaced ~ with new line char

this looks to be working