Deleting the integration server log files

How to delete the integration server log files on every month by using flow service or by script?

Hello, you can do that opening the Database Component Configuration and Recreate PRODUCT - Integration Server database component.

  1. Recreate Product will impact all IS all tables and I would highly advise against that, at least in a productive environment, as you may loose data. For puring log data the MWS functionality should be used. You can also access the purge service in IS, both is documented in the MWS and IS docs.

  2. As I understand the question it’s about the log files, not the log tables. You need to write your own flow service and a Java service for accessing files. For log files I would prefer writing a shell script. This can be easily done with the usual script languages and pruge e.g. by file age.

There is no out of box funtionality provided by SAG for deleting the old log files, however the best way is to delete these files by creating a batch job or cron job to execute on monthly basis and delete these files.

Thanks for your advise . I will go for shell script…

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