Deleted objects are not deleted

We are running into an issue where we have 5 objects in PROD environment that are no longer tied to an application, so we have no way of deleting them.

These 5 objects were deleted previously, and we saw them in the Global Recycling Bin. We did permanently delete them the 5 objects from Global Recycling Bin, but they are still around.

Here is the sequence of actions we took:

  1. Multiple objects were created and then deleted from an application.
  2. The objects were all had the same name.
  3. There were 5 of these objects that were created and then deleted.
  4. These 5 objects were permanently deleted from the Global Recycling Bin.
  5. We had been developing the application in our PROD environment. We exported the application to our DEV environment, and then deleted the application from our PROD environment.
  6. The PROD environment still has the 5 objects that were deleted when we go to do an import. See the screen capture in the attached file of what we see.
  7. There was a mapping profile that was associated with each of these objects, but we have deleted that now.

So we are trying to figure out how to get rid of these deleted objects so they don’t show up in the Import Data drop-down list.

Plus, I am not sure where else they might show up as well.

Go to Customization>Resource Sharing. It will show all available Object list and your current application Object list. Select Those Objects which you want to delete and shift those to your current application object list. Now Go to Object you can find those selected objects , and from object property you can delete those objects.

Hi Soumya,

I went through those steps and it worked!

Thanks very much.