Delete a message from Queue


I have a requirement to be able to delete a message by id from a UM Queue using webMethods IS (9.12).

How would you achieve this?

Thanks for your advice!

You can use runUMTool.bat under C:\SoftwareAG101\UniversalMessaging\tools\runner as we used this to delete documents on a channel/topic, please check with SAG if this can be used for Queue

The second option will be to use Enterprise Manager, right mouse click on the topic/channel/queue which has documents and select “Purge Events”. Provide the Start and End EventID to delete the documents based on the EventID

Option 3 is to write a java class by referring the UM Admin API, you can find them on SAG documentation or looking at sample present at \SoftwareAG\UniversalMessaging\java\examples

Please let me know what works for you.

Usage notes and commands are below:

UM Tools Runner

PurgeEvents purges events from a channel with the specified name on the specified session

runUMTool PurgeEvents -rname= -channelname= [optional_args]

PurgeEvents -rname=nsp://localhost:8080 -channelname=channel0

Required arguments:
rname : URL of the session to which the channel will be connected
channelname : Name of the channel to be created

Optional Parameters:
starteid : Starting event ID of range to purge
endeid : Ending event ID of range to purge
selector : Selector query to filter which events to purge
purgejoins : Whether purge events from joined channels.
username : Your Nirvana server username
password : Your Nirvana server password