define host xx.xx.xx.xx:5555 be defaut url for IS Console ?

Hello, I use webMethods suite and I access to the Integration Server in a browser.

I’m forced to add the name of the package WmRoot to the host(xx.xx.xx:5555\WmRoot) to access to the IS otherwise a bad page is displayed (see picture)

How can I define the host xx.xx.xx.xx:5555 be the defaut url for displaying the IS Console ?

Any ideas ?

First make sure the Default package enabled and check if they are any files missing in the file system IS/packages/Default/pub and other folders?

Pls check this direct link and its resolution on the same topic:


Thank for your help : I found that there was missing files on the Default package on the subfolder pub. The files missing are index.html an favicon.ico.

I retrieve them from an other environement and then reload the package.

Glad to hear it worked…