Define Active Directory authentication in CS 9.7

I tried to set authentication from an LDAP (active Directory) according to the manual found in the 9-7_CentraSite_Administrators_Guide.pdf (the exact steps as on page 74 -75) and I expected at the end a data as on the example of page 38 -39 is created :
./ set Authentication -domain “GER”
at the end of the execution I got a message :
Successfully executed the command : set Authentication
running the command
./ get Authentication -domain “GER”
Instead of something like the page 38 I get a not XML formatted data as below. It means domain configuration was not created succefully:

Domain Name Domain Type


useaf: “true”
dnprefix: “cn=”
userrootdn: “DC=GER,DC=win,DC=int,DC=kn”
personobjclass: “person”
prin: “myLdapUser”
uidprop: “cn”
url: “ldap://CORRECT-IP-ADRESS:389”
noPrinIsAnonymous: “false”
dnsuffix: “DC=GER,DC=win,DC=int,DC=kn”
groupobjclass: “group”
usecaching: “false”
applyDomain: “true”
@secure.cred: “myCredential”
gidprop: “cn”
createGroupProperties: “true”
alias: “CS alias”
memberinfoingroups: “true”
creategroups: “true”
createUserProperties: “true”
mattr: “memberOf”
grouprootdn: “DC=GER,DC=win,DC=int,DC=kn”

User Mappings:

Group Mappings:
description: “description”
Now trying to validate the data with the validate command I get a confirmation no domain has been created:
/ validate SSX Authentication -url “http://localhost:53307/CentraSite/CentraSite” -user “myUser” -password “myPass” -domain “GER” -domainUser “dmUser” -domainPassword “dmPassword”
Domain GER not found

Is there another way to create this LDAP domain configuration, for example import a XML file as on the page 38 described?
Is any other way to see what was wrong ?
9-7_CentraSite_Administrators_Guide.pdf (2.3 MB)

I am running into same problem. Also, not sure why we have two sets of authentications schemes in this version v9.7 of CentraSiteCommand. for instance you will find set Authentication and set SSX authentication. As per the docs, I used set Authentication.

Any resolution ?