default value of Exit flow step

What will be the default vaue of exitfrom field of EXIT flow step in developer, ie when we wont specify any value in exitfrom field where will the exit takes place like from parent, loop or from flow.

There is no default unless you set it…If you dont’t specify any in the Exit from it will cause Exception…so its a mandatory setting.

com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException: [ISC.0049.9001] FlowExit ‘’ – no valid ancestor to exit from $loop

Why are you looking for default??


what if the flow service contains a loop and parent child structure, in that case what happens if we keep only exit step without giving the value to exitfrom field.

My question is how exit step acts in a flow service where both loop and parent are present when exitfrom feild is not set. whether it will exit from loop r parent r flow?.

Default is exit from loop. If the exit is in a loop, it will exit from that and not affect parent processing.

BTW, you can test this behavior very easily with the following:

  • Sequence Exit on Failure (this is the parent)
    – Loop over /someList
    — pub.flow:debugLog (map someList to message)
    — Exit (with Exit from not set)
    – pub.flow:debugLog (message = “Out of loop, still in parent”)

The flow will print the first debugLog message, hit the Exit, exit the loop, and then print the “Out of loop…” message.

In that case use Exit from $loop and continues parent flow to process further.


As rmg alludes to, the behavior will depend on the structure of your service.

The exit step will exit the nearest ancestor flow step where the Exit from value matches the label value of the step. If an empty string is used in the label, the nearest ancestor step without a label will be the block that is exited.

Refer to the Developer User’s Guide, Chapter 7, “The EXIT Step” for details. Then try out some tests on your own.

My advice is to always explicitly set the Exit from and not leave it blank. This will avoid confusion and possibly unexpected behavior.