Default Processing Rule Getting Selected

I am posting an XML doc into TN, the doc is recognized, in Document Types TAB I am able to extract SenderID and Receiver ID also ( as seen in TN Transaction Analysis). I have also created a PR wherein SenderID and ReceiverID is selected as “Any” and DocumentType selected is Tn DocType already recognized.
The USer Status is also specified as Any.
Still a Default PR is selected, could you please share where could I have problem.

Also please confirm, whethere DocType alone is sufficient to recognize a PR ?


for processing rule Set SenderID and RecieverID appropriately as defined in incoming document…
Do you see any errors in Transaction Analysis?

I have specified “Any” in SenderID and RecieverID so shouldn’t be a problem, I want it to be generic. I have specified Doc Type in PR.
There is no error in Transaction Analysis , but in Activity log message is coming as Default Processing Rule selected.

The calling PR should be above the default PR… MOve up…


Hi Chirag

Did you set the root tag in the extract tab?


Hi Chirag, kindly check with the above condition and also check, whether you are providing DUNS type while extracting the SenderID and ReceiverID in Document type.

Sometimes this will be a problem.

Kindly once resolved, let us know. Thanks

Firoz Nalband

Processing rules are evaluated in order and first one to match wins. So if default is above your custome pr, its going to win. Move your default pr to the bottom of the stack and try again.

i hope there was a problem in document type recongnition…please check whether it’s extacting proper senderID and receiver ID…and also check whether these details are mentioned correctly in the document which u r sending to TN…so, plz check ur document type and the document which u r sending…

Default PR will be selected only when ur custom PR is down to it. Also i dont think there is some error in recognition because if that is the case, you can see that it transaction analysis.