decode the password


I am retrieving the connection properties using java service. One of the parameters of the connection is a password. I am using the password to connect to an FTP server. When i retrieve the password, it is encoded. As it is encoded, i am not able to connect. Can anyone suggest a method to decode the password? Is there any IS API?


i figured it out myself. I used StringUtil.decString(encoded) from which is in WmART package

I tried to import the class from*, but i understand that we cannot import the class files. We can import only packages. I looked into few threads which deal with the same, but didnt get the soln to this. Can anyone help me in this regard.


Have you tried setting dependency for your package of WmART package? It should allow you to import classes from WmART package.

I did set the dependency of my package to WmART, but still i am unable to import the classes. Is there any other method to use it?

to use this tip, you need to define a depedency in your package where you make your java code to StringUtil.
You specify all the java packages.
You reload the wme package so the classpath is updated

and it’s worked !

In IS version 8, softwareAg has changed the way password is stored I guess because when you run this service( in IS version 8, it just returns “password.”. Does anyone have any idea how to get the encrypted password again ?

the same: can still be used, and you still need to make the package dependency of WmART before you can call it.

Sorry for not being cleared in my earlier post, I understand how to decrypt the password, the thing is the way you used to retrieve encrypted passwords has changed.Earlier we used “” service to retrieve encrypted passwords which were in the “parameters” documentList, but now the variable contains “password.” where “password” is a constant and not the actual encrypted password. Any idea how to retrieve actual encrypted password of the connection.

in my 8.0.1 version, i can still see the encrypted password in parameters when calling
Are you running 8.2 or newer, i guess they change it later.

I am using 8.2.2 version of IS.

Any takers ?

I have a similar way to get the password connection on 8.2.*.

I retrieve the encrypted password with the following service :
“void;” with an input String called “connectionAlias” that contains the node name of my connection. (you have to import and have WmART as dependancy)

As result you get a “parameters” list of document that contain the encrypted password chain. Then you can use the decrypt function explained in previous post.

hope it helps,

I have made WmART a dependency in my package but still cannot import
Any ideas?

What exact package you are saying dependency here? Is your custom package dependent on WmART you mean to say?

Is the WmART package shows enabled in the ISAdmin management packages?

Yes, my custom package, lets call it RadekPkg, is dependent on WmART. Is that correct?

Of course WmART is enabled.

I have contacted SAG Support and they say in 7.1.2 Core_Fix43 and 8.2.2 Core_Fix5 all Adapter Runtime connections store the password in the passman store, and the password handle - in the connection node.

So now the question is how to get that password to JDBC/SAP/Salesforce connection from the passman store?

So did you also check with SAG support how to get handle on the password retrieval from store?

They suggested following approach (for Adapter connection migration)

1.- Over IS 7.1.2 set watt property
This will switch to the old behavior (embed the password in the connection node)
2.- Restart IS 7.1.2
3.- Disable connections
4.- Export them
5.- Import connection package into IS 8.2.2
6.- Restart IS 8.2.2
7.- Enable the connections

so basically do the above so I don’t need to get pass from store.

Thanks for sharing notes.

At what IS712 core fix level this watt can be set do you know?

For 7.1.2 since Core_Fix43
For 8.2.2 since Core_Fix5