Debugging the flow service whose input is a Bizdoc.

Hi All,

Please let me know how to debug a flow service when the input to the service is a bizdoc.The problem i am facing is while starting the whole service as normally this service gets kicked off by TN processing rule along with a bizdoc as its input.

Tracing manually or doing step into asks me for the bizdoc to enter and when i run it without giving any input the control follows a different path and the purpose is not met.

please suggest me a way out.



I think u can run the whole process havin savePipeLine in the code… Then do a resorePileLine.doin this ur bizDoc will be populated and u can step thru ur processing rule…


In your flowservice beginning put savePipeline,restorePipeline services and disable only restorePipeline service before you kickoff the whole process via TN once this is done disable savePipeline and enable restorePipeline.Step thru the flow you will have the bizdoc in the pipeline.

You could also create logic this way to use save/restore service with out touching code for enabeling/disabling kiosks.

Branch on /test (define a input variable ‘test’)
–Sequence -Label $null
---->savePipeline ($name = maptest)
–Sequence - Label $Default
—>restorePipeline ($name= maptest)

So if you specify data in the test input variable while you are running flow manually then second sequence ie restorePipeline will get execute and if the test variable is null then first sequence ie savePipeline.This way you dont have to enable/disable services as said above.