Debug log call on 6.5 IS


I would like to have some more details regarding the debuglog call.
Currently on my production servers, I have near 70k call of the debug log service after a three days uptime.
I had a quick view on flows services that may call this service and it’s about 2-3k not more.

Now few questions appears:

1\ Is it normal that I have so many calls? I’m on Webmethods 6.5 SP3

2\ Is native code from WebMethods that do many calls to debug log?

3\ Is there any real impact on the memory?

4\ Any way to avoid all this call?

Many thanks for your help on this topic


  1. Yes. It is used for server logging. The logging levels will determine what is written.
  2. Yes.
  3. No.
  4. Decrease the logging level.

Refer to the Administrator’s Guide for additional logging information.

Dear reamon,

Many thanks for the quick reply.

I have just few remarks:

1\ The WebMethods expert that came was quite surprised about the number o call to this service that’s why I asked that.

4\ By reducing the log level, I will decrease the number of thing written in the server log. What I expect is to avoid the call to the service itself.

In all case thanks for the advise, I’ll open the Administrator’s guide.

  1. I don’t think the call can be avoided. It’s similar to Log4J calls in that you always call it and it determines whether or not to write the entry based on config and inputs to the call.

Is there a problem you’ve encountered?

The current situation in our side is that we are working to improve the memory consumption on our Integration Server.
We need to restart often our Prod servers (weekly basis to secure the stability). In order to avoid this issue w have done a check to detect what consume the memory. We remark that the memory used by the debug can be considered.

  1. I got to thinking more about the calls to debugLog. Obviously the logging facilities are used throughout the core services, but do they physically call debugLog? I’m not sure. Probably not, though it may depend on the modules that are installed. Does a dependency check show debugLog used by any Wm packages?

Is it simply the number of calls that are the concern?

I may be wrong but I suspect debugLog calls are not the issue.

I agree with reamon, may be debugLog calls was not the issue.
But let assume the debugLog calls are the issue, investigate it by starting IS with -debug Off:

ex: server.bat -debug Off

Hi reamon / ayell,
Sorry for my late reply.

I have checked and find two things. I don’t expect the debuglog calls is creating issues, but it seems not normal that I have so many calls.
Regarding the dependencies I have few services that may invoke this service but not enough to be able to link all the calls with these services.

I’ll check to launched the server without the debuglog

Thx for your replies

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