IS running on high memory

Hi All,
We have an issue regarding high memory usage on integration server. IS is running on high memory even though i have restarted it. I just want to know if there is any way i can get the details of services such as how much memory they are running on, So that i could identify the services taking more memory space.



Which JVM and OS are you using? There are commands like jmap and pmaps that can help you see what is consuming the memory.
Are there too many packages, jars, certificates loaded on IS? They usually cause high memory usage in IS when server comes up.


Hi Jay,
Thanks for replying. We are using having jvm 1.5 and windows operating system. There are not many packages, jars or certificates on IS. I am new to WM, could you please help me how to find what are the services that are consuming more memory?

What leads you to conclude that IS memory use is high? Implied is that you have an expectation of how much it should use and what is being used exceeds that. What do you consider high? What are the -Xms and -Xmx settings when starting the JVM? Are you seeing the JVM heap free percentage being lower than expected?

Hi Jaya,

We are using Sun JVM 1.5.0_15 and Windows 2003 server,IS 7.1.2.


Since you mentioned that there are not many packages in your environment, i will suggest you to,

  1. Disabled all of them from the IS admin->package management page
  2. Turn on the package one by one while monitor on the memory usage from the IS admin->server statistic page
  3. Record and further study on those package that use up a lot of memory
  4. Disabled and delete those packages that you are not using.

Other than that you also can adjust IS max available memory (JAVA_MAX_MEM) from setenv.bat located inside \IntegrationServer\bin folder. To do that, you will need to

  1. uninstall the IS windows service
  2. change the JAVA_MAX_MEM value
  3. install back the IS window service

Good steps by pchew above–but I reiterate my question: What has led to the conclusion that memory usage is unreasonably high? Are there any symptoms? The troubleshooting steps are good to do but can be tedious work. Work that may not be needed if the “high” memory usage is simply perception.

Hi Ankit,

I am adding anothere point ,Can you try to apply the Engineering fixes .It may be helps reduce the memory usages.


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