How to log web service calls


I’m studying the IS logging configuration and I’m observing that there is a lot of level and groups of Logs :roll: .

Settings > Logging > View Server Logger Details\Integration Server

In the above section, which category would you suggest me to activate to just see the web service calls please ?

I do not need details… just to see that one web service has beeen called at X time… or has ben called before midnight…


Hi Cedric,

I think of two options:

  1. Enable auditing for the WebService
    In this case you will find the information in MWS Monitoring UI (Integration Monitoring → Services).
    And in IS under Logs → Services

  2. put a pub.flow:debugLog in your Service if you need a message in the server.log.


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Options #1 and 2 are good.

Also, in your project you may have your custom framework built on wM (say logging) which will capture the start, complete and error events for any flow services. This might be usually logged in db or even in log files. Moreover if you have a SOA setup (Centrasite and Mediator) each in and out flows of ESB will be governed giving you more details.


  1. ISAdmin → Settings → Server Logger
  2. Click on “Edit Server Logger”
  3. Expand Integration Server
  4. Look for “0088 SOAP” and set log level to “TRACE”

You should see the information about every web service call that is being made under “Server.log” from now on.

Yes, I do agree with Prasad, making this logging setting on IS will capture all the SOAP request and response for the web services. For more information refer the IS administration guide chap. “Server Log Facilities”. Also note that “Important: Recording more information consumes more system resources.”


Thanks to all of you for your replies.

I would like to avoid the option #2, because I prefer to avoid to develop or modify my actual services.
It was the reason for looking for an IS server solution…

I had tried some Server logging option but there was too much rows (more than 50 rows).

I’ve tried Server-SOAP logging and that is good, the server displays only 16 rows for one call.

I’m going to keep this solution… and If I see that is too much wordy, and unreadable… I will get a look to the
MWS Monitoring UI solution, I didn’t know… (or deal with the framework wm logging…)



I have a small question related to web service calls logging.

Can we get the consumer service or the IP details who will be calling our web Servcie in the logs?. If possible, then what are the settings needed?.


Hi Lakshmi,

please add pub.flow:getTransportInfo as the first step in your provider service and then use pub.flow:debugLog to write these data to the server log.

See IS Built-In-Services Guide for details.



The security log might help you there.

Best regards,

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