DDIC Cache

Hi Guys,

Can anyone shed some light on DDIC Cache. Why should we use. What all its functionalities. In which situations we have go for this. Kindly also provide any links which can give me details of it.


Refer SAP Adapter guideā€¦:slight_smile:

DDIC cache will store the structure of the IDoc when it is first being pulled from SAP system. If there is any change in the IDoc structure, sometimes it will not get reflected in webMethods when you try to pull again the same. Reason being, it will use the cache to create the Idoc document. We have to delete it in DDIC, which will make sure the new structure gets pulled from SAP system, and not the old one.

For more details, refer SAP adapter guide.


Senthil is right.

but this counts for RFC-Function calls as well.


Thanks all for your inputs