DCOM object invocation error

Hi there,

Currently, I’m facing some error while invoking a DCOM object through webMethods Integration Server 4.6.

This DCOM object was build with VB 6.

Basically, there are flow of this service as below,

What happen is that it was failed at the win32.COM.dispatch:createObject which is the first service defined in the flow above.

Below is the actual error message show in the webMethods developer, “win32.COM.WmDispatchException: Invalid class string. Error Code = 800401f3”.

Could someone help me on this?


I faced this problem before too, but have managed to past the createObject step after putting the DLL in the Component Services (through Control Panel’s Administrative Tools). The client machine (IS/Developer) needs to install the application proxy created through Component Services. Currently it stops at the first invoke step with “Access is Denied” error, so in my case I suspect security rights needs some tweaking. Any help on this is appreciated.

If the DCOM object is remote and you are using Developer to invoke, did you configure the DCOM server using dcomcnfg or Component Services?