Does wM have a built-in connector to DCE? We are developing an integration solution where one of the systems we need to communicate to uses DCE (on a Solaris running VMS). Need help ASAP. Thanks.

DCE. Wow, haven’t heard that one in awhile. Pretty sure there’s no off-the-shelf adapters to connect to DCE. Question: How would you connect to your DCE application if you only had a plain ole java object(aka POJO)?



Right now this is what we have. A C Client that subscribes to the Broker. This C client dissects the broker document and calls the DCE libraries. (IBM DCE libraries for Solaris).

Is there a way to directly call the libraries from webMethods and is there a generic message structure for DCE so that we can have one service handle all the calls.

Page 394 of the 6.1 webMethods Developer’s Guide describes how to create a CService that will call a C Program that you write. The wizard generates a C program template that you can modify as well as a make file. You need to create a specification describing the input and outputs of the service before using the File->New->CService function in Developer.

So, in your case, you could generate the C template and the CService to invoke it and put your DCE stuff in the C template.

I don’t remember enough about DCE to answer your “generic message structure” question, but I think the answer is “no”.