DB2 v9?

Does anyone know when Natural DB2 on z/OS will support the new SQL commands from DB2 v9, like MERGE, TRUNCATE, SELECT FROM UPDATE, INTERSECT on full select, EXCEPT on subselects, etc?

In case any one else is wondering, here is the reply from the developers:

Personally, I find this unacceptable, but it is about par for the courseā€¦

Well, it is getting worse. Now it looks like it will be at least 2010 before DB2 v9 is supported. The latest from the developers:

As of March 17, 2009, DB2 v9 will have been GA for two years. At this rate DB2 v10 will be out before SAG supports DB2 v9.

This is truly abyssal support from Software AG.

Natural for DB2 4.3 will be released in March 2010.
This version is going to support DB v9.

This is good news. Only three years late, but good news.