when i configure apache server what i must put in server name and domain?

and when i istall tamino, and sistem managment hub must have same domain and administrator?

the problem is when i work with network tamino is very efficient, but in local the db don’t start and stop because the process failed.

in httpd.conf i changed the server name with

I’m not too sure about what you mean when you say about configuring apache but the server and domain name can only refer to server name and DNS domain. So for example a machine xyz.mycompany.com, the server name is xyz and the domain is mycompany.com.

For system management hub the domain name here refers to the Windows domain name. If you logon locally to a machine thats not part of a domain you can leave that field blank. Otherwise specify the name of windows domain as well as the username.

Changing the ServerName in httpd.conf to is valid but not recommended (as described in httpd.conf).