DateTimestamp format changed on subscribing side

Hi All,
I have a pub-sub scenario in which I am publishing the data from MMS(JDA) system and People Soft system is subscribing.In MMS system the date is in the following format 20090909105751584.But when the data goes to the PS side and the timeStamp in the XML changes to 2009-09-09T10:57:51.584000.

Where did the change happen?

Could anyone help.

I was concerned about the hyphens in the DateTimeStamp.Do any of you have any idea where the hyphens came from?

I think we need more details about the components being used.

Its a simple pub-sub model in which I pull the data from MMS using JDBC adpaters and populate into the canonical document.When I populate the date field seperatly in the canonical and the time field seperatly.The date is of the fllowing format in MMS 20090909 and the time is 105751478.

I then publish the document and on the People soft side subscribe the document and concat the date and time field into a single field in other doc on subscribing side.Later I convert that document to XML string using encode=true and later write it to JMS queue on BEA weblogic server.

When the guys on PS side receive the XML they see the dateTimeStamp field as 2009-09-09T10:57:51.584000.

Where as they are expecting as 20090909T10:57:51.584000

Any idea how that hyphen got there?

The format with the hyphens is the W3C standard format. Can you describe the components used on the “PeopleSoft side?” Is there a FLOW service involved? A PS adapter? What component is populating “other doc on subscribing side?”

Somewhere along the path someone is likely specifying the date format. I would look first in the service that is doing the concat call.