Datetime deviation issue due to GMT zone

I’m trying to create a webservice which retrieves a date parameter from AS400 framework in the following format: CYYMMDD, (ex. 114811 stands for 11th of AUG, 2014), and to convert it into datetime format for #NET client consumers.
Unfortunately, every value recieved and converted to datetime format is deviated by one day.
example: the date recieved is 1141231, and the output when converting becomes:
2013-12-30T22:00:00.000Z which is a day earlier.

I assume it’s due to the fact that my zone is GMT+2, and the output is on GMT time, which takes back in -2 hours.

How can it be resolved? Any advise?

Hi Eitam,
I am not sure what service you are using to convert the values but if it is possible to pass the timezone in your service then pass the timezone and hopefully it should solve your issue.