Dates and Stored Procedures


My name is Andrian.

I have two things I need your help with.

I have had an issue with the designer when it comes to dates. It is because of the GMT/BST. I receive from a service caller a date at midnight. I then pass it to a database. I receive it back with a getService and transmit it to the caller. Due to summer/winter time, seems to adjust the time by itself. How does the Designer work with dates? Any help or pointer to existing documentation would be most welcome.

There is this service: wm.server.ns:getNode. It’s a very useful service because it describes everything about a service, which in my case, is the Store Procedure it uses. However, I can only see it’s output but not use it. I have 1k+ services that call adapters, so going one by one is souls crushing. The two outputs are node and LOCK_STATUS. Node is defined as a string but actually, it’s a document. Due to this, I can’t use it. If I use string services on it, I’ll only get one line of info. If I use document services on it, it’ll say it’s a string and launch an error. LOCK_STATUS comes at value 2.

How can I use the output from this service?
My WebMetods version is 9.12 so I can’t really use a tool from the new version. (or maybe I can but I don’t know how).

Thank you for your time.

Hi Andrian,

for your second question:
Can you explain your use case why you want to use the internal service wm.server.ns:getNode?

Lock Status Overview can be found in IS Admin UI under Packages → Package Management → Show all locked Elements.
In Designer you can see the lock status for each node in the right click context menu.

For Adapter services there are services in ART, which are publicly available, see IS Built-In-Services Reference for details.
You can use these services in a flow service similar to this outline:

LOOP over AdapterTypes (LOOP1)
LOOP over Nodes (LOOP2)
do what you need to do

for your first question:
Check the IS Built-In-Services Reference for date transformation services.
Another Option might be to check for the PSUtilities package available from the Download section of the Community.


Hello Holger.

I’m using the getNode service to extract specific information from it, namely, the header info of an adapter. The most important is the stored procedure name.

Hi Andrian,

you can invoke the service in a flow service and then map the document structure to an output document having the same structure as the node document from getNode.

As this is an internal service from WmRoot package, it is not documented in any guide and is not intended for direct usage.
Be aware that these internal services can change without warning when patching or updating the IS.


Hello Holger.

The problem with that solution is that getNode outputs the document as a string, so I cannot map it do a document.

If I map it to a string, I only get the name of the service. I have added two attachments.

In the first one, we can see getNode outputting a string. In the second one, I’m running in debug mode, we can see that the output is actually a document.

If I were to create a document with the same structure, I could not map the output from getNode to my document because one is a string and the other is a document.

I’ve tried meddling with a java service but what I get in the IDATA is only the service name, not the whole document, but maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Is there any other service that might help me with this?