Date formaning in data view / object deletion error

Hello everyone.

1.- We noticed the date column database views in the new UI appear as estimates and not the actual date itself? See below

Any feedback on how to change this so the actual dates are shown?

2.- We are attempting to delete an Object no longer needed as part of an application being build and have deleted all fields created as part of the object. However when we attempt to delete the object from the application we get an error message, see below:

Any feedback on how to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jaime Suriano,

  1. Please select the “Actual date/date time” for “Date/DateTime format” in the company information to show actual date.
  2. Have you checked the business rules and validations of “TEMPORARY ID” object?

Ms. Chidurala,

Good afternoon. Thanks very much for your feedback. We were able to resolve our issue (1).

Regarding #2, there are no business rules or validations enable for the “Temporary ID” object. See attached screen shoots:

We have not been able to delete the field in question (Customer_file_number) in the Temporary ID" object. When attempting to delete the field, we are not able to do so, even though no error message is provided by the platform, see attached screen shot:

Below the field as currently set up in the platform within the “Temporary ID” object.

While we were evaluating the use of the “Temporary ID” object within the application, records related to the Object were created, though I am pretty sure all were deleted when we decided the object would not be part of the application. Is it possible we neglected to delete all the records created during our testing and that is preventing us from deleting the object? None of those testing records appear to be available anymore?

Thanks again for your feedback!!!



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