Delete Date through X-Node


I have a test-configuration with Tamino and Access and I could browse and load data in die Access-Database by using the Tamino Interactive Interface…

Now I want to delete a entry in die Access-Database but it doesn’t work:

But I have insert this data through Tamino.
Is there no way do delete data?


Hi Jens,
Could it be that the condition you’re using to delete with would result in records that were not stored by tamino being selected from the SQL database?

An easy way to prove this is to issue the delete query as an X-Query and see if there are any documents returned that do not have an ino:id attribute.

If not, could you provide us with some more information; preferably:
1. Which version of Tamino you’re using including Hot Fixes
2. The delete query
3. Example SQL data that causes this
4. The TSD schema.


Hi Gary,

here some information to my x-node-test:

1.) I’m using Tamino /, no other Hot Fixes installed

2.) The Access-Databse has the following structure:
Table: Person
Attributes: UserID, Name, Vorname
1, Mustermann, Martin

3.) I’m loading the attaches XML-file into Tamino by using the Interactive Interface:
- Name (Musterfrau) and Vorname (Martina) into the Access-Database AND
- The address direkt into Tamino

4.) Import and X-Querys work fine
- Martin has no address-entry
- Martina has an address-entry

5.) Delete the imported entry by using the Tamino Interactive Interface → Delete
Query: /Person[Vorname=“Martina”]
- error: look above
- The address of Martina is deleted
- The access-database-entry not
Why will one part will delete and the other not?

6.) And very confusing:
Afert that delete-query I can’t import new user, because the user will import into the access-dabase but no address-entry into tamino :frowning:

I have attached the following files:
- access2tamino.mdb: the access-database
- neu.xml: matina musterfrau with her address
- Kunden-Schema.TSD: The XML-Schema

So, I hope my answer is detailed enough

Jens Herrmann

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Hi Jens,
Sorry it took so long to answer…

The problem is that your inserted document does not contain the primary key value; therefore the relationship between the internal and external data is not built. This causes all of the problems you described.


Hi Gary,

but the whole purpose of a generic primary key which is set by autoincrement or by a trigger is not to set it manualy, isn’t it?