Database Connection Closed and Closed statement errors while load testing

Hi all,

We are currently load testing a webmethods 4.6 interface between an ePDM application and Oracle DB. The ePDM application Is posting xml messages to TN using http post. These messages are then inserted into the Oracle DB using execSQL. We have configured DB Alias on IS Admin Console.

We are encountering erros which say ‘Closed Connection’ and ‘Closed statement’ for some of the records. Do you have any idea what might be causing this. Please let me know if you guys have any suggestions/thoughts .

Additional information for the above post -
Earlier database was Oracle 8i , where we were not getting these errors. But now when database is Oracle 10G , we are getting these errors for the same amount of load.

In the Data base Alias settings on Admin console , i’ve tried different no of connections ( minimum and maximum conections) , but getting errors in all cases.

tried to insert -
10 records - 1-2 records errored out, rest all inserted
50 records - 2-3 errored out , rest all inserted
100 records -2-3 errored out, rest all inserted
200 records - 2-3 errored out, rest all inserted

Errors are - “Closed Connection” and
" Closed statement"

Thanks in advance

Not really sure about this one. Did you change your database driver to the new version required for 10g? 10g is pretty different from 8i and a number of things were deprecated with the jdbc driver.


Do the same symptoms appear when minimum connections are set to 0?

Hi Mark,
Will check with the DB team for the same.

Rob its erroring out for ‘0’ minimum connections also.

Hi all,
With reference to above posts -

   Earlier i thought that these errors might be due to change in the database (from oracle 8i to oracle 10g ), but now we are getting the 'closed connection' and 'closed statement' errors irrepective of the database (oracle 8i or Oracle 10G) . 

In the main service on IS -
i check for database connectivity using pub.db:connect,
if its connected -
i use execSQL to insert and catch any error during SQL insert.
if not connected - then catch it separately.

i’m properly closing the db connections on right places

The strange part is that Closed connection error is getting caught when it tries to execute execSQL (which means that it has already checked for the database connection).

i tried varying minimum connections , maximum connections and expiration time in DB Alias Settings but errors still persists.

Then I tried another thing
I stopped checking for the database connectivity and directly used execSQL , still no success.

Your input will be highly appreciable.