Database configuration while installing

I have given the credentials of SQL Server database with the Databasename which was just created for WM purpose.

Installation looks successful but I dont see any tables created on the database i have entered while installing the WM 9.6,

Can someone suggest me if the WM installation is going to create some database tables?

If the tables are not created for some reason, I can I fix this problem without re-installing the software?


Also, can I know if I do run the Database component Configuration to setup the database?

What this database configuration is used for? without this I am able to run the webMethods including configuring JDBC Adaptor?

Thanks in Advance

If you want to use JDBC adapter functionality you really don’t have to run the database component configuration.

Database component configuration is used for ISCoreAudit, ProcessAudit,ProcessEngine, TN, MWS etc

Let me know if you have more questions.

yup. Thank you.

I understood this when I configured Database configuration for My webMethods server.

MMS Started working after installing the database configuration, which created few tables on the specified database.

Thanks again.