Database Component Installation Wizard is not loading

After installing webMethods 10.4 version on Windows 10 (Home Edition), I am trying to configuring database, but the DB Configurator is not loading. Not much info in corresponding logs file too.


user log: C:\SoftwareAG\webMethods\common\db\logs\dcc.log
developer log: C:\SoftwareAG\webMethods\common\db\logs\log-20190502011804.txt
dcc version:

Please suggest, if I am doing something wrong or need to do it differently.


Complete Logs File:
Environment # 31 | c.s.d.a.Environment . | installDir : C:\SoftwareAG\webMethods\common\db
Main # 95 | c.s.d.a.Main . β€œβ€ | dcc version :
β€œβ€ # 99 | β€œβ€ . β€œβ€ | installDir : C:\SoftwareAG\webMethods\common\db
β€œβ€ # 102 | β€œβ€ . β€œβ€ | argList : ()
β€œβ€ # 110 | β€œβ€ . β€œβ€ | result : ()
β€œβ€ # 113 | β€œβ€ . β€œβ€ | corrid : null

Hi Manoj ,

You have to pass the parameters along with dbConfigurator.bat. Below is an example for SQL Server :
dbConfigurator.bat -a create -d SQLServer -c all -v latest -u -p -l jdbc:wm:sqlserver://<db_host>:1433;databaseName= -au <admin_user> -ap <admin_password> -n <database_name>

Please check this document for more info


Thanks Harsh for the quick reply.

I compared the latest installation 10.4 with old one 10.2 and found out that few files are missing in directory: C:\SoftwareAG\webMethods\common\db\bin\dbConfiguratorUI.bat.

And that’s what i am looking for a UI wizard to configure database components. I think it’s missing as part of image distributed for version 10.4.

Maybe someone who has successfully installed and configured the free version can confirm if they too have these files missing.


Hi Manoj ,

dbConfiguratorUI.bat is not missing but has been removed from 10.4 .


Hi Harsh,

is there any chance that the graphical DB Configurator UI is coming back?

I considered this a useful tool, even when running on Unix, as its was easier to just fill out the UI instead of passing the complex commandline, esp. when you have to set up several user/schemas in a short period of time.

It was a bit difficult to redirect the X11-Output to my local box, but it is possible.


Hi Holger ,

As of now there is no plan to include GUI but not sure about in future.


Thanks Harsh for the sharing the info!


What is the rationale behind this, SAG removing the GUI and keeping only CMD? Do you have more details pls?

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hi everyone, the improvement work done on the DCC in 10.4 was so extensive that it was not possible to also provide a GUI for 10.4.
We plan to provide the GUI for 10.5.


Marianne Fuller
Senior Architect/PM Installation/Upgrade/DB
Software AG, Reston, Virginia USA


Thanks Marianne for the update and it would be great if GUI is back!

Thanks Marianne for clarification.

If it will be back in 10.5 (and all later LTS versions hopefully) I can live with this.


I have downloaded the Trial version and installing the same.
I have Installed WM 10.4, like to understand Database Component Installation steps and how to create the database. Can someone guide the steps on how to go about on further installation.