Database Component Configurator -- Oracle invalid username/password


I can’t create database by Database Component Configurator

URL: jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;serviceName=XE;sysLoginRole=sysdba;
user: sys
Pasword: XXXXXX

the error message is “Database Connection error: [SoftwareAG][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied”, but I am able to connection it in IS administrator page by create connection alias.

Any help on this?



Try jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;serviceName=xe

User: system

What is your oracle version? I see it is express edition.

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Yes it is Oracle 11g express. I tired User: system. same error.
I didn’t install any WDA hot fix. Should I?

It looks the create Admin ID, Admin Password was wrong. If I provide valid existed username/password in Create Admin ID/ Admin Password, which is not make sense for ‘Create’, but then I can pass through the password validation, and got another error: system cannot find the file


the slash was changed into back slash in the middle of the path



I was never successfully installing webMethods on Oracle 11g XE. I use 10g XE, may be someone will assist you further.

Not sure about the version that you are using, but db configurator is always pretty simple and easy to create product tables. It has nothing to do with which version of Oracle you have it running.

In connection, you see UserID and Password two fields. If you have a user/schema already created in Oracle XE, provide that details. You don’t have to check ‘create tablespaces and database user’ in this case.

Lets assume its a fresh Oracle XE install & you do not have any user created. You would have provided a password for user ‘system’ initially. Provide the new username/schema name in UserID and Password tabs. Check the box ‘create tablespace and database user’ and provide ‘system’ in admin id, and its corresponding password. You will see the user being created with required permissions, and all scripts would have run and created tables.

Coming to the error that you are facing, system cannot find the file.

  1. During installation of database component configurator, did you make sure you installed this tool as well as ‘database scripts’? You can find in /softwareag/common/db/scripts directory, all script files

  2. Make sure you are running the DCC tool from the same location, /softwareag/common/db/bin/dbConfiguratorUI.bat where you have scripts created. Executing the tool from different location (if u have multiple installation) and scripts created in different folder cannot talk to each other

  3. If you still have this ddl file missing error, i would suggest to make a clean installation of DBConfigurator along with DB scripts in a new folder location and try this again

Hope this helps.